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Weight Room

The Waukesha North Fitness Center went through major renovations in 2014, funded largely by the Waukesha North Booster Club.  Over $250,000 were raised and invested into the space, tripling the size and adding a new training room.

The Waukesha North Weight Room is free of charge to current students and is open from 3:15-4:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Adult supervision is provided and required for use of the space and all users are encouraged to use the programming provided.


  • SAFETY FIRST! Above all, lift with caution. Use proper form and get a spotter if necessary. Ask the coach if you don’t know how to perform a particular exercise. Technique should always precede weight
  • KNOW YOUR SURROUNDING and respect others using the facility. No rough housing or horseplay will be tolerated
  • HEADPHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED unless you are only using treadmill
  • CLEAN UP after yourself! You may use any of the equipment, as long as it gets returned to the same location you grabbed it from
  • PROPER ATTIRE: no one may use the weight room unless he or she is wearing appropriate workout attire. Tied athletic shoes, as well as shorts or pants that allow for free range of motion are required. No hats or hoods are to be worn while using the facility (Headbands and skullcaps are acceptable)
  • DON’T DROP THE DUMBBELLS! It is hazardous to those around you and leads to excessive wear and tear on the equipment. Set dumbbells and other implements down using control and extreme caution
  • NO ONE is allowed in the office or athletic training room without permission.
  • THE BATHROOM located in the weight room is for staff members only
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY. Waukesha North High School is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Leave personal belongings in locker
  • YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE if you fail to cooperate with any of the above rules
  • Summer Ending and Exten

  • Weight Room

  • Weight Room

Don’t forget to order your spiritwear!

Don’t forget to order your spiritwear! Show your school spirit.  Order online through Sept 24th.

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Thanks for signing up for Summer Strength and Conditioning.  This program has been thoughtfully designed to help you become a better athlete.  The training schedule has been tailored to different ability levels and goals based on the different demands of each sport or athlete.  Students will be assigned by their coaches to the most appropriate sections, […]

Volunteer requirements Have you done your shift/s yet? Remember, one concession shift is required for each sport in which your student participates. Help the Booster Club provide for your sport. Sign up today.

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