Multiple Teams · Summer Strength and Conditioning Information

This course is designed to train all competitive student-athletes to become stronger, more agile, and explosive.  Students will engage in speed development training, agility movements, and other activities that will improve flexibility, and promote injury prevention.  Student-athletes will also be taught proper weightlifting techniques that are appropriate to their level of physical development.  This course is open to students entering 7th – 12th grade in the fall of 2017.

Dates:   Course will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from June 12 – July 28, 2017.

$20 fee:  This fee is optional for participants who want a participation t-shirt and who would like to be eligible for attendance prizes.  That fee will be paid in cash or check to Waukesha North High School on the first day of the course.

Electronic/on-line registration is required, see directions below:

-Sign in to Infinite Campus portal and select your student

-Click on the grey box under the picture that reads Course Registration:16 -17 HS Summer School

-Click on Course Search on the line with your student’s name on it in the center of the page

-In the Course Number box enter the following SS08009-0S  (number zero not the letter O)

-Press the “Go” button –  It will show you the course SS08009-0S Strength, Speed & Agility- NHS

-Click on the selected course to the far right that pops up to enroll

-At the bottom part of your screen it will give you a description and a button to click to enroll your student

-Once you click to enroll then the course will appear under Requested Courses

-You have now registered your student for the summer course

Parents can also seek assistance with online registration at the Lindholm Building, 222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53188 or contact the Help Desk at 262-970-1072 or email

Registration will close June 1, 2017 for Summer Strength, at which time students will be sorted into the appropriate offering.  You will be notified of start times when registration is complete, after June 1st.  We will continue to use a similar format as we have in past years:

Early AM – Advanced group

Mid AM – Intermediate group

Early PM – Middle School/Beginner Group