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Varsity Newspaper · Sportsmanship Expectations and Reminders

I am excited to welcome everyone back to school and to our athletic events. Every year I am amazed by the passion and dedication our fans show for our teams. This is a great time to share some reminders about expectations and our efforts to role model appropriate behavior.


Each season we make it a priority to talk to our students about what they can do to support our teams at events. I avoid putting out a laundry list of what they cannot do or say. Instead I focus on what I want to see and I keep it simple. We cheer for our team, we keep it positive and we avoid putting down or singling out players from the other team. Also, when we hear something that does not meet our expectations we need to address it in a friendly and positive manner. I want students to know that we want them at the games but also that they need to display good sportsmanship. The same goes for parents. Officials certainly do not get every call right, but they are people too and deserve to be treated with respect. We make an effort to be as vigilant as possible, but if we miss something please let us know so that we can help address it.


In addition, I believe it is important that we model a growth mindset. There is something that can be learned from every success and failure. Whether the season ends in a championship or not, we gain something from the whole experience. We can’t control officials, weather, the other team or their fans. But we can certainly control our own behavior, attitudes and effort. Help your student understand that adversity is a part of life and the challenges they face today are helping to prepare them for success in the future.


Thanks for helping to make Waukesha North a great place that I love to come to every day. I appreciate being a part of a community that cares and contributes to creating positive experiences for our students and athletes.




Brian Schlei

Assistant Principal (A-D)

Athletic and Activites Director