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Athletic Study Table Program

This year we are piloting a new program during our morning block. On a student’s schedule it will appear during the “CCR” section. The time commitment of athletics can be a challenge for some students to balance so we are trying this program to help emphasize the “student” part of “student-athlete.”

  • Why: To increase the classroom achievement of students participating in athletics and activities
  • When: During CCR time (7:35 – 8:05) Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Who: Coaches from all sports will have input on prioritization of athletes who need to be in the program based on classroom performance and eligibility requirements.
  • What teachers are involved?
    • September, November, February and April
      • Dan D’Amico (T/F) and Kaitlin Stone (T/R)
    • October, December, March, and May
      • Alex Rincon (T/H), Amy Schubert (T/F), and Vince Sciano (T/H)
  • How long will students be assigned to study table?
    • Students who start the school year ineligible for their sport or who were ineligible last year will be placed into study table for the month of September.
    • Starting at the end of September, grade reports will be run every other week of all students currently in sports, who were on sports last year, and all students in drama.
    • If the student’s grades improve so they no longer meet the criteria for being in study table, they will be exited.  If they have not improved they will remain.
    • The minimum amount of time students will be in study table is 2 weeks.

Since this is a pilot we will refine the process as we are working with the students. Special thanks to the coaches and teachers that have a passion for seeing athletes succeed both on and off the field and helped design this program.