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Varsity Newspaper · Jeri Sass Class of ’78 named to Waukesha North Wall of Stars

We are proud to honor 1978 Waukesha North High School alumna Ms. Jeri Sass.  Ms. Sass has been chosen to become a member of North’s Wall of Stars because of her accomplishments in her career as well as her volunteerism in the community of the city of Waukesha.  

In the community, Jeri has been quite active in supporting post secondary education.  She served with UW-Waukesha’s first community Organization which eventually became  The UW-Waukesha Foundation. She was elected Treasurer of that group and later she was elected to the Board of Directors.

Not only does Ms. Sass have an impressive volunteerism resume, her career path is also noteworthy. Jeri actually began working at Waukesha State Bank while she was a North High School student.  She has worked her way from personal assistant to the Vice President to actually becoming Vice President and Cashier of the bank.