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Multiple Teams · Basketball Fan Reminders and WIAA Rules – SUPERFANS NEED TO READ

As we approach our first basketball game of the season there are a few reminders and rule changes that we want to make sure all of our fans are aware of.


  1. Be sure that your student fans are not allowed to stand on the floor during basketball games.  Make them stay up on the lowest bleachers so you have a way to clearly define the area where they can and cannot be.  Your gym should be split in half at the midcourt line.  All adult fans should be placed on the same side of the gym being placed behind their respective player benches.  Student fans should be placed directly across from their adult fans.  No student fans for any team should be placed behind their opponents player bench.

Same as Always:

Cheer Positively for our Team not against the other team (put downs, negative chants etc.)

Example:  DO NOT CHANT “YOU SUCK” as players are announced, instead cheer extra loud as our players are announced.

Show respect for the opposing team and officials (never single out a player or call their name or number on the court).

Example: DO NOT YELL “HEY NUMBER 22…..” Instead pick a player on our team and pump them up by cheering for them and encouraging them.

It is the head coach’s job to interact with the officials. Not the fan’s.

Our Head Coaches and captains are the only people in the gym designated to speak to the officials about the calls they make.  Insults and negative chants towards officials create negative emotions and make the Head Coach’s job more challenging.

Example:  If you disagree with a call, help our players move forward from it.  Reminding them about it does not help them with the next play they need to make.