Girls Varsity Track · Girls Track and Field: Week of March 11-17

Hard to believe the first week of the season is already done.  I am very excited to see what this season has in store for everyone!
A few things for this week:
1.  Our first meet is Thursday for our JV athletes.  Athletes competing will be leaving on the bus at 3:25, so you will not get out of school early.  Here is an overview of the meet.
2.  Our first meet is Saturday for our Varsity athletes.  Athletes competing must be to school by 6:50 on Saturday and the bus leaves at 7:00.  It will be a long day so remember to pack extra snacks for the day!  Here is an overview of the meet.
3. Meet line-ups will be handed out, hopefully, on Tuesday so your athlete will know what day they are competing and in which events.
4.  A new spiritwear store will be opening later this week.  I will send out an email when it is open.
5.  If you are going to be gone over spring break, please let us know ASAP.
6.  Uniforms were handed out yesterday to all the ladies who were at practice.  If an athlete missed we will ensure they get a uniform before their first meet.  These uniforms and warm-ups can be washed but should not be dried!
Let me know if you have any questions or if your athlete can’t be at either of the meets this week so we can make the best line-up possible.
Coach Torzala (
PS On Saturday the sprinter/jumper/hurdler group did a yoga stretching routine after a tough first week.  This yoga stretching routine could be done by the ladies on the weekend when we have off in order to stretch muscles and improve flexibility.