Northstars News · @Northboosters Spirit Wear Position – Please Read

Northstar Families,
We are looking for someone, or even a couple of people, to take over the spiritwear duties for the upcoming school year.  I thought I would explain exactly what I do so the thought of taking on this responsibility doesn’t seem so daunting.
Design and Clothing Choices
Epoch Athletics does all of the design and picks out the clothing.  Yes.  They do it all.  “Northstar Nation”, credit to Epoch.  “Northstar Domination”, same.  OK, I came up with “Represent”, because I saw it on a shirt that I liked.  My input is, “we need purple” or “we need a cool hoodie” or “Mom’s would like a longer sweatshirt to wear with leggings”.  And we always need just the “old school” Waukesha North.  Parents give input of what they would like to see while shopping too.
Online store and shipping
Again, all Epoch.
Pick-up of online items
Epoch has everything pre-packaged when they drop it off.  I have pick-up at a game that I am already selling at.  I simply read the name off the package and hand it out.  I drop teacher orders in the mailboxes in the office.  Yes, people don’t pick up their stuff.  Epoch has offered to keep the orders that are not picked up at their office for distribution.
Selling during games
You should be there to help set up and make sure the volunteers know how to use paypal on the ipad.  Or work the booth yourself and it counts for a mandatory shift or two.  There are many parents that are veterans of helping and they already know the ropes.  Volunteers sign up via sign-up genius just like they do with concession shifts.  Of course, you should make sure the volunteers show up for their shifts, however, there has only been a game or two where that happened.  During Football, we clean up after half.  Same with basketball.
This year there are 4 home football games.  August 17 & 31, and September 14 & 28.
I do an online sale for Christmas items starting mid-November and have pick-up before Christmas at a boys basketball game.  Then maybe one basketball game after Christmas.
I do another online sale in the spring, and this year I did one over summer too.  The spring sale all orders are direct shipped.  The trend is moving more toward online than at the games.
We have sold at Mandatory Athlete meetings and Conferences.  The ones in the fall are successful.
When the current store closes on Sunday, I will order for the season.  If needed, I will order more for basketball.  I don’t order more than a couple of items of each, because we don’t want to have too much money tied up in inventory.
I would love to show someone the ropes.  I have a nephew who is an incoming Freshman and lots of nieces and nephews to follow.  I’m not leaving town, I just graduated.  I will be around to offer support and answer questions.  I will be in the stands!!
Booster Club Meetings
They are held the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30.  I went to most of them and you should plan on going too.  It’s a great group of parents.  It’s not a clicky group, and they represent the different sports and everyone puts in a little input.  When I got a second job, sometimes I missed.  Not a big deal. Life happens.  Mr. Schlei gives a report that really keeps you “in the know” about all that’s happening in Northstar Nation.  Anyone is welcome to attend meetings, whether you head up a committee or not.
When I took over, I was worried I would screw it all up.  Will I order enough? will I order too much?  How am I going to fit this in too?  I’m sure I have my critics, but it has been a great experience and I have received a lot of positive feedback.  You will too.
Please, consider helping out.  Even two or three people can split up the responsibilities.  With Epoch having our back, it really is easier than it all looks.
Please email me at with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!!
Lisa DiPiazza